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Floating in water is one of the fastest ways to de-stress. There is something magical in seeing the light patterns under water, feeling yourself gently floating, and being absorbed in an utterly different world of colors, silence and vastness.
Bondalem is a small fishing village nested into the largest continuos coconut grove on the North Shore of Bali. Here you will still find some fishermen living a traditional live, which they prefer to the life in houses of stones and walls.
It is rich in rural cultural event, and rich full moon festivities in the temples including dances which will be performed especially around full moon in the fall and spring time are a great attraction.

Buhundalem means crawling plants owned by the king. At times it has been used as Kebondalem, which signifies an area that functions as garden to grow crawling plants by the king. The pronunciation both kebondalem and buhundalem were changed to Bondalem.

Bondalem is located about 1 3/4 hours north of Ubud and about 3.5 hours from the South end of Bali.

The community leaders of Bondalem chose to foster eco-friendly tourism, focused on providing the conscientious tourist a more natural environment, with a focus on retreat centers that support personal awareness, yoga, meditation and WELLNESS programs.

It has become well known that Bali has been overrun in many parts of this small island with the usual tourist attractions of loud music, entertainment and much of what the Western life style brings with it.
With that in mind, the heads of the community took a different turn in that they focused on supporting peaceful retreats, creating a reef sanctuary and eco-friendly nature experiences, such as diving will offer you.

Due to the calm waters on the North Shore of Bali anyone can practice diving here, in the growing corals of the protected reefs.
The Bondalem Dive Center “BAHARI PRAWARA” currently has a dive master who will assist all certified divers.
The Bondalem Dive area has dives to suite all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The area boasts enough locations and marine flora and fauna to be able to have a new experience even after multiple dives.

Other activities from the Dive Center
  • Excellent snorkeling of the reef either close to the beach or by boat.
  • Traditional Fishing Tour
  • Dolphin Watching (especially spectacular July – September)
  • Charter Boat
Marine Management Area of Bondalem
To Strengthen the initiative of marine preservation, the MMA has established the dive center “BAHARI PRAWARA” also called: "Dive North Bali" which aims to work on a two pronged basis:
  • Firstly educating the community on the benefits of protecting the coral and other marine life.
  • while at the same time giving the local community a sustainable income other then fishing from the fragile ecosystem.
Choosing to dive in Bondalem MMA offers you a completely unique opportunity including:
  • The chance to join with local fishermen to dive in an area that they have a very intimate knowledge of.
  • A completely ecologically sustainable environment.
  • Your patronage will help continue the conservation of the Marine Management Area (MMA) in Bondalem.
  • The complete diving experience (reef scenery, small-cryptic biota/ macro and also eco-dive by joining the MMA in regular reef health’s monitoring, etc).
The Conservation
Bondalem Marine Management Area (MMA) was launched on April 22, 2008 as a joint initiative with the local community, stakeholders and facilitated by Reef Check Indonesia in an effort to combine the well developed local knowledge and concern for the habitat of marine life in the area.

The area has seen the use of many destructive behaviors that devastate the local ecosystem including cyanide fishing for aquariums and bomb fishing.

The local community in conjunction with the Government created the MMA to help curb these activities. With the MMA in place there is a designated area where practices of unsustainable nature are now illegal.
The community at the MMA patrols the area to enforce the new regulations and educate people against such activities and promote sustainable fisheries as well as facilitate other sustainable nature use.

“The Bondalem MMA is the ultimate demonstration of effective conservation efforts by community initiative.”
Become a Member
Contact us to become a member of the Bondalem MMA and join the Coral Restoration Plan. Come into the center to see current and past initiatives for helping the Bondalem community and its’ environment.
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