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Floating in water is one of the fastest ways to de-stress. There is something magical in seeing the light patterns under water, feeling yourself gently floating, and being absorbed in an utterly different world of colors, silence and vastness.
Under Water
You will find the peace of the north shore of bali both above water and below water. Bondalem offers a lush, quiet environment above water and underwater, a fast growing reef of almost infinite varieties of fish and corals perfect for diving, snorkeling or dolphin adventures, it is a great place to learn to dive with easy reef access from the beach, or you can stop on your way from menjagan to amed since it is about half way between.

Spend a couple of nights in one of Bondalem's deluxe beach resorts and take in a dive or two before going onward on your journey. Bondalem is about 1 1/2 hours from Amed and about 2 1/2  hours from menjangan. (See map on back)
Above Water
There are many other attractions within minutes of Bondalem as well, A 100 meter waterfall that cascades down into a refreshing shower is just minutes from Bondalem.

A tour of the local fishing village is also a culturally stimulating event. See how the Balinese have lived for hundreds of years with very few changes in lifestyle. Watching dolphins is also available with the local fishermen. The morning sunrise from a fishing boat is something you will remember forever. Visit the local temples and often you can take part in one of the many Balinese ceremonies.
Dive Center

Booking: (081-338-026-889)

The Bondalem dive area has dives to suite all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The area boasts enough locations ans marine flora and fauna to be able to have a new experience even after multiple dives.

Choosing to dive in Bondalem MMA offers you a completely unique opportunity including:-
  • The chance to join local fishermen to dive in an area that they have intimate knowledge of.
  • A completely ecologically sustainable environment.
  • Your patronage will help continue the conservation of the marine management are (MMA) in Bondalem.
  • The complete diving experience (reef scenery, small-cryptic biota/macro and also eco-dive by joining the MMA in regular reef health's monitoring etc.)
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